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ACCESSORIES / Pumping and Filtering System

Model PFS-1 Portable Pump and Filtering Oil System is a compact, self contained, portable unit. It is equipped with high efficiency, high capacity disposable elements capable of removing both particulate contaminants and water from oil type fluids including heat transfer fluids, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and transformer oils. Maximum fluid temperature is 200° F.

PDF Temper Control Systems with Water


  • 10 GPM heavy duty gear pump
  • 25 micron disposable dirt filter
  • 500cc disposable water filter
  • 115 volt, single phase, 1 hp pump motor
  • 6' hose assemblies with 3/4'' NPT connections

High Capacity Heat Transfer Systems

The PDS-1 speeds up the initial filling and start-up of heat transfer and other oil type systems by providing clean, water free fluid. It can be used when refilling and adding fluid to the system. The PFS-1 also removes both particulates and moisture from previously used fluids.


  • Removes both particulates and moisture from heat transfer oil type fluids.
  • Speeds up the initial filling of oil systems.
  • Filters oil type fluids during the initial system filling and when refilling or adding fluid.
  • Provides moving ease over uneven floors with 10'' diameter wheels
  • Cleans used fluids.


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