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ACCESSORIES / Pump Seal Cooling System

Model WC250-9-121 Seal Cooling System eliminates the need for a separate supply of cooling water to high temperature process pump cooling circuit. The package circulates a cooling fluid (water/glycol mixture) in a closed loop to the pump’s seal cooling cavity.

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  • 30,000 BTU/Hr air to liquid heat exchanger
  • 5 GPM coolant pump
  • Low flow switch
  • 115 volt, single phase pump and fan motors
  • 6' hose assemblies with 1/2'' NPT connections

High Capacity Heat Transfer Systems

The WC250-9-121 can be used with all HEAT WM and RM Heat Transfer Systems’ pumps and any system’s pump that requires 30,000 BTU’s per hour or less water cooling on the pump’s mechanical seal. Maximum coolant temperature is 250° F.

The cooling system contains a liquid reservoir, air to liquid heat exchanger with fan, coolant pump, flow switch, automobile radiator cap and two 6' hose assemblies with 1/2'' NPT connections.

When the power is “ON”, the coolant pump circulates the cooling fluid through the high temperature process pump and the air to liquid exchanger. After flow has been established, the flow switch closes allowing the heat transfer system’s pump and heater to energize.


  • Supplies a closed loop cooling fluid for pump’s mechanical seal.
  • De-energizes heat transfer system pump and heater, and energizes an alarm light if coolant flow drops below 1/2 GPM.
  • Can be used with HEAT WM & RM Heat Transfer Systems.


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