HEAT does NOT maintain an inventory of complete flanged heaters in stock. All HEAT flanged heaters are built to order. HEAT does however, maintain a large inventory of the tubular elements that are the primary component used to fabricate flanged heaters. Although many of our flanged heaters have identical components, they are frequently custom designed. Those custom heater elements are generally not maintained in inventory. Standard flanged heaters are normally available with lead times of 2 weeks. However, custom heaters can typically have lengthy lead times of 6 weeks or more. If your process cannot afford to be shut down for several weeks, while you wait for a replacement flanged heater to be fabricated, then we strongly recommend that you stock a spare flanged heater to avoid this potential down time.

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Replacement Flanged Heaters
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If you would like a quote on a spare flanged heater, or require additional information on our flanged heaters, then click the following link. We will need the HEAT model number and/or the HEAT serial number to identify the proper replacement flanged heater.

NOTE: We can also manufacture replacement flanged heaters for Non-HEAT manufactured equipment. We can cross-reference most brands of flanged heaters and provide an interchangeable duplicate heater. We will need the manufacturer name and model number and any other descriptive information you can provide on the heater.

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