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Vaporizer Systems are similar to hot water heaters and are used to condense organic vapors. These units can have significant advantages over circulating liquid systems, especially where the process requires uniform heating at relatively high temperatures. Because condensation occurs at constant temperature, utilizing the full latent heat of the fluid, pumping costs and circulation rates and can be substantially lower in vapor systems than in liquid systems.

OFV Series Thermal Fluid Vaporizers - Electrically operated organic fluid vaporizers are usually custom designed, but are also available as a "pre-engineered" packaged system. Our thermal fluid vaporizers are pre-wired, pre-piped, insulated, pressure tested, and ready for installation. Organic heat transfer fluids used in our vaporizers allow process heating up to 750°F with low operating pressures. Vaporizers consists of an ASME pressure vessel, open coil heaters contained in schedule 40 pipewells, hartford loop, vessel mounted safety devices, and an integral control panel.

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